Company Profile

【main office】

824 Shohakuhei, Yawatahama City, Ehime Prefecture (within the head office of Sakuroku Refrigeration Co., Ltd.)
TEL 0894-23-1024 FAX 0894-22-1014


In 2008, Shuroku Refrigeration Co., Ltd. acquired Kubota Towel Co., Ltd. (Matsuyama City, Matsuyama's number one towel company) and made it a wholly owned subsidiary.
The company name was changed to Iyo Orimono Co., Ltd.
Since 2014, the company has focused solely on the scarf business.
--- Currently, she is concentrating on her "Tennyo no Mai" (Japan Blue scarf) business.


100% owned by Sakuroku Refrigeration Co., Ltd.

【board member】

Chairman of the Board: Mari Matsubara President and CEO: Yoichi Yamamoto Management Advisor: Hidekazu Kutsuna Legal Advisor: Yoichiro Yamakawa (Attorney at Law)